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According to the dictionary,
Mend (verb) means to repair something that is broken or damaged.
Matter (noun) is that which takes up space.
I understand that life can throw us challenges that may attempt to break us, but it is through these challenges that we are made more beautiful. Let’s work together to mend the things that have been taking up space in your heart and mind in order to create a whole YOU.

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Human. Therapist. Supporter.

Hello! I am Andre'a Younger, owner of Mended Matters Counseling. I've always been interested in understanding people and providing support has always been in my heart. However, I never thought that being a therapist would be the route I would take. Therapy found me while volunteering for an AmeriCorps program and simultaneously taking a developmental psychology course. Sometimes when we have our plans life has a way of laughing and revealing new ones.

Since then, I have followed this journey of trying to understand why people think, feel, and do what they do. I have been fortunate enough to work with children, adults, families, Veterans, the homeless population, and those affected by HIV/AIDS.

As someone who values self-care and understands the importance of taking care of me, when I'm not working as an elementary school counselor or seeing clients in my practice I enjoy roller skating, hiking, spending time with my dog, connecting with the people that I love, finding binge-worthy shows, listening to music, and traveling.

I truly enjoy creating a safe space that allows individuals to let go of the desire to have it all together and release their stress, anxiety, trauma, hurt, guilt, shame, and the expectations of others in order to shape and mold the you that you desire to be. Mended Matters was developed to be that safe space that encourages healing and restoration through exploring the things in life that have attempted to break us and that have been taking up space in our hearts and minds.

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“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places”

Ernest Hemingway

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Relationship Issues
Anger Management
Grief & Loss
Work/Life Balance

Are you an educator fighting burnout and in need of balance? Are you a human struggling with the everyday challenges of life? Relationship a little rocky? Trying to figure out who you are and what you truly want in life? No matter what may be bringing you into therapy at this time, I believe that in order to move towards healing and growth we need to ensure that we are taking care of ourselves mind, body, and spirit. Self-care is a selfless act that allows you to prioritize your overall well-being in order to show up in the world fully. Let's prioritize you and get mended, so you can live mended.

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Get mended. Be mended. Live mended.

My philosophy of counseling is that life is a journey and throughout that journey, you will encounter various obstacles and challenges that may take you on a detour. As a counselor, it is my role to work alongside you to navigate back to your path. Whichever path that may be, it is yours to choose and I am simply here to support you.

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My counseling approach is cognitive-behavioral and humanistic based, meaning that through empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard I work to build a supportive and encouraging relationship with clients, while also challenging the way one thinks, which in turn affects their thoughts and feelings.

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For most of my clients, starting therapy for the first time usually brings up feelings of nervousness because they don’t know what to expect. During our first session we will simply have a conversation that helps me learn more about you and you more about me, identify your reasons for coming into therapy and what you would like to get out of it/your treatment goals. This is called the intake session.

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Andrea makes the counseling experience comfortable and easy for someone who is new to talking to someone. She cares about her clients, is engaged in the conversation and has been a blessing to me. I definitely will recommend her to anyone who just needs someone to walk through hard stuff with.

Andrea is a very thoughtful and attentive ! I would 10/10 recommend her to anyone who needs an amazing therapist.



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"The wound is the place the light enters you".


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If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact the Georgia Crisis and Access Line, which is a 24 hour helpline, at 1-800-715-4225. If you are experiencing a Life threatening situation, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

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